Who are the Elbjungs and what is the vision?

In summary, the Elbjungs’ vision includes creating a solution to the problems that cause headaches and concerns in the rental industry.

Our vision

From the industry for the industry

The vision is to be able to represent all workflows and processes in a company as simply, quickly and efficiently as possible in one software. The software should be just as easy to learn and support employees in their work, not hinder it. In large parts, the software is also supposed to think along with the user and prevent mistakes.

Element 4

A strong team

In the meantime, the team of the Elbjungs comprises a strength of 12 boys and girls, who manage the daily work in their respective competence circles. The strengths of the team are clearly flexibility and commitment.

The strength of the team is therefore the delivery of the product to the customer – even if this means taking unusual paths.

The team behind the Elbjungs

Nils Brinkmann

Captain, Chief Executive Officer

Boris Bollinger

Chief Executive Officer

Lars Brinkmann

Chief Sales Officer

Torsten Egert

Chief Technical Officer

Thomas Werner


Felix Kraas


Nico Block


Fiona Brinkmann

Back Office

Immanuel Masuch


Frederik Besch


Philipp Renner