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With powerful features, Jobtura supports you every day in your business. The practical implementation of the daily working environment in Jobtura leads to an increase in your efficiency and thus to a considerable gain in time.

CRM | Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationships always in view

CRM – Customer Relationship Management – or customer retention and management is an important aspect for the successful presentation of an optimal workflow. Call notes, appointment reminders and telephone histories are just a few important points for evaluation and clarity about the retention of the individual customer. Especially in the hectic daily business, a rental software like Jobtura must offer such functions to maintain transparency about agreements.

Plan your staff

Detailed personnel planning

Which employees are available to you at any given time? Who meets the criteria to be able to perform the required task? Or, to put it another way, can I send a trainee without a driver’s license out on the job alone with a semi-truck? The Jobtura rental software has an integrated set of rules with plausibility checks to detect such cases.

In addition, clarity as to which of the colleagues is assigned to which operation plays a major role, especially for the rental software.

Controlling and reporting

Extensive evaluations

Exciting, for both management and sales, are the turnover and sales figures broken down by customers, articles, sales staff and more. In the rental software, for example, a comparison of rentals of an item against the purchase price is particularly worth highlighting. Or to paraphrase: At what point is the purchase of an item worthwhile? And which item is not used at all or hardly used and can be sold?

These and many other evaluation options are integrated into the Jobtura rental software and
can be configured – individually according to the needs of the company.

Valuable controlling

Order overviews, purchase prices, depreciation and account assignments are only a few superficial terms to illustrate the extent of controlling functions. It is important in the company to have an overview of costs and benefits. Especially in the rental business, a rental software has to offer fast and easy controlling possibilities – which is given with Jobtura.

Do you still do many processes by hand?

Strong automations

The rental and leasing industry is hectic and many things have to be handled just-in-time. Overtime often accumulates and things are forgotten. To become master of the situation, the rental software offers many automation functions to handle the simplest tasks autonomously and automatically without necessary user intervention.

These include, for example, automatic reminders of due quotations, the transfer of generated invoices to financial accounting and many more.

Equipment control for quality assurance

In order to be able to safely guarantee the rental of items, a detailed quality control of the equipment is necessary. The device check included in the rental software allows you to create and manage test protocols yourself and assign them to the devices to be checked. In the workshop or in a separate device testing department, the protocols are processed like a checklist and the device is provided with the protocol.

Just-In-Time Scheduling

What is expected from rental software? We asked ourselves this question at the beginning of the development and therefore optimized Jobtura for a quick and easy disposition of articles.
Just-in-time productions, sales and services must be delivered and returned on time. If this does not happen, the rental software can react to keep the planning under control.

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The main functions of Jobtura Sales & Rent

These and many other evaluation options are integrated into the Jobtura rental software and can be configured – individually according to the company’s needs.

From the offer to the invoice

Calculate your offers with maximum transparency right from the start. Check your orders for executability. Print packing lists and delivery bills. Bill your services.

Project Management

Break down individual tasks into subgroups and combine tasks into an overall project. Plan revenue, expenses, delivery and paving data from the project level down to the individual item level

Customers & Suppliers

Manage your customers and suppliers. Store master data and contact information. Overview connected operations, notices and much more.

Equipment testing

Check your equipment for proper operation. Log every action for quality control. Generate automated service procedures for detected defects.

Service & Repairs

Record necessary maintenance, damage and repairs in service procedures. Order spare parts and create a resume for your device.


Create new devices and entire production lines from individual parts using manufacturing operations. Log the parts installed and the time spent.

Personnel planning

Deposit functions for your internal as well as external employees. Plan your operations by function and assign employees as a resource. Communicate schedules to your staff via email or calendar.

Time recording

Record your times via time clock or manual recording. Keep track of your times and you of your employees. Evaluate the times at operation level incl. of the costs incurred.


Import chart of accounts and cost centers. Post your sales and purchases at the line item level to revenue and expense accounts and to appropriate cost centers. Evaluate your transactions and transfer the parked values to third-party financial accounting systems.

Webshop connection

Manage your webshop items with Jobtura. Our connection to the WordPress plugin "Woocommerce" allows you to create articles and direct requests to Jobtura for further processing.

Site-specific availabilities

If you have multiple locations with your company, you can use the location-based availabilities to assign items to different warehouses and schedule them with location accuracy.

Interfaces & API

With the help of our extensive interfaces and API connections, it is possible to link almost all data from Jobtura with other programs. With the DATEV and BMD export you have directly all data as CSV file ready, which your tax consultant needs.


Evaluate your operations according to contribution margins. Differentiate between pre-calculation and post-calculation. Keep track of the success of your process through the various stages from quote to order to invoice.

And many more!

There are countless other functions in Jobtura. Schedule a consultation now to analyze your requirements with Jobtura's scope of services. Functions that are not available can still be added. Contact us!

Connections and interfaces

These and many other evaluation options are integrated into the Jobtura rental software and can be configured – individually according to the company’s needs.

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