Scale easily with Jobtura

Our Jobtura rental software is suitable from small businesses to large corporations. It offers the full scope of Jobtura sales and rental software. In addition to multi-user, multi-company and multi-warehouse management, Jobtura allows you to manage an unlimited number of items, operations and resources. You also get additional functions such as telephone system-supported transaction processing, statistics, and much more.

So Jobtura is the all-in-one rental software you are looking for!


2.199 €*

/ one time
Enterprise Starter

4.198 €*

/ one time
Enterprise Business

Upon request

*In addition to the license purchase, 2.00% of the license cost for maintenance and support is mandatory on a monthly basis. We don’t compare specific support packages: every user gets the best possible service: via ticket, email, phone and remote support. Make sure you always have the latest Jobtura version installed – so you can run your business without restrictions.

All prices in Euro and plus 19% VAT and all information is non-binding and without guarantee.

Simple & Flexible | Our subscription option

The maintenance and support contract is already included.


59 €

/ monthly

179 €

/ monthly

Upon request

Updates & More | Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and support contract

2% of the license costs

/ monthly

With the Jobtura maintenance and support contract you always keep your Jobtura installation up to date.
Additionally included is the Jobtura update plan: You benefit from useful functional enhancements to your Jobtura license.

Jobtura Support by phone, mail and remotely during our business hours on nationwide business days.
The detailed scope can be found in the attached scope of services.

Support GOLD on demand

150 €

/ per hour

Scope of work: Problem recording, problem solving (if possible), minor developments (e.g. export variables and table columns).

Support GOLD Package 15

120 €

/ per hour (minimum purchase 15 hours)

Quota expires if not used; quota is transferable to other Jobtura customers in the month). Each additional hour is charged at the hourly rate.

Support GOLD Package 25

110 €

/ per hour (minimum purchase 25 hours)

Quota expires if not used; quota is transferable to other Jobtura customers in the month). Each additional hour is charged at the hourly rate.

Support GOLD Package 35

100 €

/ per hour (minimum purchase 35 hours)

Quota expires if not used; quota is transferable to other Jobtura customers in the month). Each additional hour is charged at the hourly rate.

Questions about the support packages

With the Support GOLD Packages, it’s like having another employee to take care of the functionality, except it’s more like having an outside tax consultant.
He takes responsibility that everything works and clean and you do not have to worry.

Whether it is a supposed bug or an assistance or training does not matter.
As with a permanent employee, the time is used to get ahead.
No time is lost with quotation preparation and coordination and approvals.
The problem will be taken care of within four hours.

The Support GOLD Packages do not include the maintenance & support contract!

If an allotment of the month is not used up, it will expire.

However, it is possible to transfer the quota of the packages to other persons.
There must be a main client to whom we invoice.
If the latter does not use up his quota, he may resell it to a “friendly company”.
For this we only need a release / power of attorney.

When a quota is used up, we will report it. In the meantime, you can also query how much quota you still have available.
The partner then has the option to continue OR let the work rest until the new month begins.

This is primarily for updates and upgrades.

Even if you are entitled to support per se with the basic support contract, you are not entitled to response times. They are always “as fast as possible” for basic support and depending on the workload.

You can think of it like an amusement park, where you already pay for admission per se.
With the Support Package GOLD you get an “express ticket” to get past the queue and go directly.

Other services & upgrade options

Client license

1.999 €

/ one time

The Jobtura client license is a prerequisite for the use of an additional client.


150 €

/ per hour

We are happy to add custom features you need and design your Jobtura license the way you want it.

Employees Inhouse Training

150 €

/ per hour

Two expert consultants will spend a day on your premises instructing you and your staff on Jobtura, helping with setup and answering questions.

Frequently asked questions

How many Jobtura licenses do I need?
It depends on how many concurrent users you expect!
A small example: You manage a company with a total of 50 employees. However, only 25 of them will work with Jobtura, and of the 25, only a maximum of 10 people at a time. This means you would need 10 Jobtura user licenses in this case!

Which plan is right for me?
This is where one of our sales representatives can best help and advise you.

Call directly and get advice!

How long is the term of a license?
We distinguish between two license models at Jobtura.

  • The purchase variant and
  • the subscription variant

With the purchase variant you have acquired a lifetime license – updates are obtained through the maintenance & support contract. This has a term of 12 months.

The subscription variant has a minimum term of 24 months. There the maintenance & support contract is already included!

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