FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Is Jobtura Mac compatible?

Jobtura can be used on a Mac via Bootcamp, Parallels or similar. Likewise, also RDP is an option. The exact system requirements can be found at:

Software requirements

Is the support included in the purchase price?

Yes, the support is included in the purchase price by the annual fee. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to contact one of our consultants, and we will help you to solve them. Trainings are handled spearate from support cases.

More information about our support & licenses can be found here.

Do you provide training for my employees?

Yes, we offer training. One of our competence consultants will train you and your employees via remote desktop, at our training center or on-site at your company, answer questions and helps with setting up.

Just contact us

Can I import/export my data?

Yes, with the integrated import/export function you can import and export your data via one button as a CSV file. Right of use prerequisite.

Can I synchronize my appointments, phone calls, and other with my smartphone?

Yes, you can. This is possible through an internal connection to your Google Calendar, which allows direct synchronization with your smartphone.

What is the Cloud version?

The Cloud version gives you the possibility to store your database in our computer center. Then you do not have to worry about setting up and maintaining the database.

For more information about the Jobtura Cloud Service, please visit our product page.

Any questions?

We would like to get in contact with you in order to ensure a smooth handling of Jobtura.